Who We Are

We are customer intelligence experts in the B2B arena and work with companies who have close relationships with their high-value customers.


Our CEO, Patrick Baldasare, leads every aspect of your project. This level of constant attention in everything from the survey guide design, customer interviews and data analysis, allows him to intimately understand customer needs and the solutions that will drive optimal success in your business. Patrick is a seasoned business executive who has spent over 30 years building businesses, selling businesses and taking some public. He has been steeped in the field of survey research and is skilled at having deep business conversations with high-level executives across a multitude of industries.


New Peak Consulting will not simply present research findings, it will solve business problems and create business opportunities. We have worked with companies ranging in size from 10 employees to 5,000 employees, which have spanned a multitude of industries, although our true strength lies in our ability to gather customer feedback.